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Jeep Cherokee XJ -  Leather Keychain
  • Jeep Cherokee XJ - Leather Keychain


    This is made from real 100% genuine 14oz (1/4"thick)  leather.

    Custom cut and laser engraved. 

    The leather tag is 3.5" long X 1.1" X .25" thick

    Key ring is 1.25" in. 

    Total lenth of this keychain is 4.75"

    *** Some keychains will vary and present with a rough flesh side ( back of keychain) than others and may vary slightly in thickness depending on the hide it was made from. It also may have a burnt smell to it from the laser burning process**

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    • Care Instructions

      The top of this keychain is treated with a protectant that resists some water stains. This coating will wear off over time. If your keychain gets wet (saturated)  it may loose flexability when dried. Neatsfoot oil, olive oil, or Mink oil can be use to soften the leather up for better flexability. 

      This is real genuine leather. 

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