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 Leather Stamp Use & Warranty Information


Recommended use for leather stamps -  We know that these are not the strongest stamps in the world, but with proper use, these will last a very long time.  In order to use the stamps on our site you will need a 1 ton arbor press. Anything smaller is no longer recommended without using one of our backers or an equivalent type of backer.   These stamps are not designed for hammering or high amounts of pressure from hydraulic presses. If you are using a 1 ton press, then is it suggested that you use a backer plate for any stamp 1.125" or larger.  It's highly recommended that these only be used with cased veg-tan leather or other softer tooling leathers. These types of leather will also yield the best impressions. 

We also highly recommend testing your stamps out on scrap leather prior to use. 

Video of how to use our stamps -  You Tube Video 

Canadian Customers -  Due to shipping costs, all orders will be done through a direct invoice. Warranties will still apply, but return shipping for replacements will be at the cost of the customer. 

STAMP  WARRANTY - Any stamp you purchase from The Lasermill is 100% guaranteed and will be replaced at no cost to you. Continuous misuse of stamps will void this warranty .   Shipping will be free and shipped via USPS 1st class mail.  Priority shipping will require an additional cost if needed.  An email, or direct message sent to us on Facebook or Instagram along with  photo of the broken stamp will be required for your free replacement. A photo of your press may also be required top help us fix issues with the product.   

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